Planning Your First Family Ski Holiday

You’ve finally taken the plunge and looking into booking your first family ski holiday. Planning your first family ski holiday may seem daunting, as you may not have skied before, or perhaps it’s been a while since you returned to the slopes. Don’t worry we have you covered. Read further to discover our guide on what to expect pre and post departure.

What To Wear

Now, needless to say, it will be cold, but exactly how cold? We recommend packing a variety of layers. As sometimes the weather can be unpredictable (I suppose Brits are used to this!).

Layers will consist of thermal leggings/tops, a t-shirt, a jumper or a fleece.

Layers are important as you will need plenty in the morning as the slopes are likely to be frosty. Then by the time you stop off for lunch you will have worked up a sweat. If you have more in the tank to get involved with the après scene, then you will need to wrap up once the sun sets. Fail to prepare – prepare to fail in our eyes!

Outerwear usually consists of salopettes (ski trousers) and a ski jacket, though you may also opt for a bib (a waterproof type of dungaree) and ski goggles.

Do not forget ski socks, we recommend buying some good quality ski socks. You will definitely thank yourself later. Bad quality or ill-fitting socks can be a major issue when you have your ski boots on (which aren’t the comfiest shoe anyway).

Waterproof gloves or mittens are a must! Bonus points if they have straps, super handy for you taking them off sporadically. Hats are always a good choice too, helpful for keeping you warm when you’re taking a break.

Ski equipment will include skis, ski boots, poles and a helmet – but if you feel more comfortable taking your own you feel free!

What to wear on your ski holiday

Ski Lessons

Ski lessons are an important aspect when you are planning your first family holiday. Especially if you are visiting the slopes during a peak period. Booking ski lessons way in advance is recommended, our team are here to advise the best companies in each resort.

Choosing the right kind of lesson for you is important too. Whether you prefer to learn in a group setting or one on one, there are some fantastic instructors out there for both. More developed skiers may opt for off-piste lessons, telemarking or try their hand at snowboarding, feel free to let our team know your preference.

Find out more about ski extras

Ski lessons on your first family ski holiday


Now food is an important factor in any holiday, and especially in ski holidays. As this could be your first ski holiday as a family it is sensible to look at all of your options.

All Inclusive

The ultimate convenience for your first ski holiday would be going all-inclusive. We have some fabulous package holidays which include accommodation, flights, meals, ski passes and ski hire in the price. All-inclusive meals are a fantastic choice for those who have adventurous or even fussy eaters. With a selection of freshly cooked meals prepared throughout the day it is a no-brainer for those wanting a smooth ski holiday.

Find out more about all-inclusive holidays

Catered Chalets

If you are travelling in a group you may opt for a catered chalet. Catered chalets are normally run by chalet staff. They are on hand to prepare freshly home-cooked meals during your stay and keep the chalet clean. Chalet staff have at least one day a week off and this is a great opportunity to explore what the resort has to offer. We advise guests to secure a reservation for this evening, as other chalet companies may have the same day off, to avoid disappointment. Ask our team of experts for restaurant suggestions if you are unsure.

Find out more about catered chalets

Family fun in your own private catered chalet

Self-Catered Chalet

Self-catered chalets are also a great option for those who like to be on their own schedule. Planning your first ski holiday can be a little bit scary but with a self-catered chalet everything is on your terms. You can choose your own meal times and your own menu to suit your family. This is especially important for those with fussy eaters or those wanting to catch first lifts.

Find out more about self-catered chalets

Enjoying a self-catered chalet on your first family holiday

Contactless Catered

Contactless catered is a new concept that has become popular post-pandemic. It is a hybrid between catered chalets and self-catered. If you opt for this you will expect home-cooked meals delivered to your accommodation, ready to eat or to warm through at your leisure.

The fantastic benefits of this are that you have the flexibility and the convenience of the two combined. Not to mention the privacy. Chalets are cleaned mid-way through the week and the chalet staff will be on hand if there are any issues.

Find out more about contactless catered chalets


Now après may look a little bit different when holidaying with children. But there is still plenty to do off the piste. With non-ski activities including traditional tobogganing, husky sledding, zip wires, and indoor waterparks there will be something for everyone.

With activities like these, we recommend that you book these beforehand. This will prevent any disappointment and allow you to plan for the remainder of your week. For activities like night skiing or ice skating you are less likely to need to book in advance.

Traditional après generally begin just before the lifts close, so whilst it’s daylight you could also enjoy some live music and a cheeky Aperol spritz as the sun sets and the kids are in the midst of a snowball fight!

Off the piste fun on a family ski holiday

If you are still unsure about aspects of planning your first ski holiday, contact our ski experts on 020 3944 7047. They are more than happy to give advice on areas you are wanting to know more about.

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