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Why Book Ski Lessons?

Ski Solutions are partnered with Maison Sport, the industry-leading ski instructor booking platform. Maison Sport allows skiers and snowboarders to find, book as well as review independent instructors, all in one place. With Ski Solutions, you will be provided with options of the best ski or snowboard instructors available in the resort of your choice, with all the logistics of booking handled for you. This guide will talk about the benefits of booking lessons with Maison Sport for your next ski trip.

Improve your technique

Skiing is a highly technical sport, and having a ski instructor teach you the correct technique can make a huge difference in your skiing ability and your overall holiday experience. A ski instructor will teach you the best form, areas you need to improve and how to properly use your equipment, all of which will make skiing easier, more efficient and overall more fun!

Maison Sport ski lesson for technique

The best quality ski instructors

At Maison Sport, all of the independent instructors are verified to hold the qualifications required for the country of the ski resort in which they are working. The ski instructors are passionate about the sport and committed to helping you improve your skiing skills.

Explore the mountain

Ski instructors know their ski resorts like the back of their hand. Even if you have been to a specific ski resort many times, they can take you to runs you may not have found on your own and they will know the best spots for the best snow and the best runs for your ability. They will also be able to take you to some of the best lunch and coffee stops on the mountain!

Maison sport kids lessons

Improve your confidence

Skiing can be an intimidating sport, especially for a beginner. With an ski instructor’s help, you can build confidence and feel more comfortable on the mountain. They can provide you with encouragement and support, which will help you enjoy your skiing experience more.


Skiing provides several safety risks, having a ski instructor ensure you only ski in low-risk avalanche areas and only go to slopes that are the right terrain for your ability will reduce your risk of injury.

Maison Sport lesson

Make new friends

With Maison Sport, you will be able to take group or individual lessons. In group lessons, you will be matched with people at a similar ability level to you. This is a great way to meet other skiers and make new friends on the slopes! Additionally, group lessons also offer better value for money than private lessons if you are skiing on your own.

The booking process is handled for you

With Ski Solutions you are given the best options of ski instructors available for your ski resort and trip dates. The process is super straightforward and you’re sure to be matched with the best ski instructors in your ski resort with the help of your Ski Solutions expert.

Maison Sport Private Lesson

Don’t hesitate to arrange your ski lessons today with Maison Sport and Ski Solutions for your next ski trip to the mountains!

To get in touch with our team about Ski Solutions ski holidays call 0207 471 7700 to find out more.

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