St Moritz Switzerland

This is the place where winter sports began and it still has a very special appeal.

St Moritz is the place where winter sports were invented – by the British in 1865 – and today it remains the world’s pre-eminent winter sports resort. It has a magnificent position in Switzerland’s broad Engadine valley, with tremendous views.

St Moritz continues to be an important winter destination for members of the international jet set, many of whom do nothing more active than a little light recreational shopping when they come here. However this resort’s well-deserved reputation for glitz and glamour can sometimes deter more ordinary skiers and snowboarders. This is a shame, since St Moritz has plenty of high, snow-sure slopes and winter holidays here at a three- or four-star level are no more expensive (and sometimes actually cheaper) than they would be in, say, Zermatt or Courchevel.

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