Ski Resorts

Ski holiday destinations

With so many options for countries, ski resorts, ski areas and accommodation, it can be overwhelming even trying to find somewhere to start when booking a ski holiday. Find our collection of ski resorts below to help you narrow down your search to find what you are truly looking for from our ski holiday destinations. Our team of experts are seasoned professionals at hunting down the perfect ski area for you and your needs, taking the stress out of booking your ski holiday. Take a look at our selection of ski resorts for your next winter getaway.

Choosing Your Ski Resort

Take a look at Ski Solutions' collection of the finest ski resorts from across the world. Call our ski experts today to find the best ski holiday destinations this winter, or make an enquiry online.

Our Ski Resort Guides

The Best Ski Resorts for Families

We’ve hand-picked the best family ski resorts across Europe for you to enjoy. Read on for up-to-date advice and inspiration.

The Best Ski Resorts for Groups

Finding a ski holiday to suit everyone in your group can be difficult. Here’s our guide to the where to ski for groups and mixed ability skiers.

The Best Snow-Sure Ski Resorts

If you are looking to ski early or late in the season, this guide will help you ensure you select one of the best snow-sure ski resorts.

The Best Ski Resorts in Europe

With plenty to choose from, Europe is home to some of the most incredible ski resorts. Here’s our top picks of where to ski in Europe, selected by our very own ski experts.

The Best Ski Resorts in Canada

If you are looking for something different this season, why not try a trip across the pond. Have a read of our guide to the best ski resorts in Canada.

The Best Ski Resorts in the World 

Hand-picked for their incredible ski areas, snow-sure slopes and bustling ski towns, take a look at our experts' guide to the best ski resorts in the world.

Where To Ski

France Ski Resorts

The birthplace of modern skiing, France boasts such a sheer number of ski resorts, you will find something you love.

Austria Ski Resorts

Boasting a great sense of skiing tradition, Austria offers a warm welcome and friendliness that cannot be found elsewhere.

Switzerland Ski Resorts

Switzerland boasts some of the best service, restaurants, snow and accommodation you can find in some of the finest ski resorts in the world.

Italy Ski Resorts

Taking their skiing and food seriously, Italy has some of the most versatile terrain you can find in one country.

Canada Ski Resorts

Canada is renowned for its champagne powder, tree-lined skiing and devastatingly beautiful scenery.

USA Ski Resorts

Big mountains covered by even bigger snowfall, the US is home to some of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world.

Norway Ski Resorts

Skiing in Norway offers uncrowded mountains, state-of-the-art-lifts and it has far quieter ski resorts than many European countries.

Andorra Ski Resorts

Full of the charm of the Pyrenean Mountains, Andorra has maintained its blend of Spanish and French influence.

Spain Ski Resorts

Benefitting from long hours of sunshine in the winter, Spain's ski resorts have a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure.


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