Saas-Fee Switzerland

Saas-Fee is one of the most under-rated ski resorts in Europe, with great alpine charm and guaranteed snow.

Often nicknamed “the Pearl of the Alps” because of the way it is surrounded by no fewer than thirteen 4,000-metre peaks with some of the most dramatic scenery to be found anywhere in the Alps. Its skiing terrain is genuinely awe-inspiring too. There are very few resorts where ordinary piste skiers get to ski in such a high-mountain glacial environment.

The ski resort itself is a pretty, charming and old-fashioned with lots of beautiful old wooden chalets. It is car-free and getting around on foot is easy, although there is also an electric bus service. The locals are mostly friendly and welcoming.

Saas-Fee is also a young, modern and dynamic ski resort in the vanguard of winter sports development. This is a resort that has wholeheartedly embraced and exploited the snowboarding, carving and “New School” revolutions in the ski business. In off-peak periods – and especially in the autumn, when this resort does a surprising amount of business – boarders may well outnumber skiers on the slopes. Furthermore, there is a huge range of accommodation here to suit all budgets and plenty of lively nightlife for visitors of all ages.

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