Deer Valley Ski Holidays

Ski holidays in Deer Valley have uncrowded slopes thanks to the resort's restricted ticket sales. Go skiing in Deer Valley to enjoy over 2,000 acres of terrain.

Deer Valley Ski Resort USA

Deer Valley ski resort delivers a classic and consistent quality of service. There are a fantastic 2,026 acres of skiable area meaning there is plenty for every skier to experience.

Located in the Wasatch Mountain Range in Park City, 36 miles (58km) from Salt Lake City, the ski resort is renowned for its upscale amenities and is consistently one of the top-ranked ski resorts in North America. Deer Valley was also a venue site for the 2002 Winter Olympics, hosting freestyle moguls, aerials and alpine slalom events. 

For those looking for easy, relaxed skiing, Deer Valley is perfect. If you're worried about overcrowded slopes and queues, look no further than this boutique ski resort that limits access to the slopes and has restricted ticket sales to avoid such issues. 

Call our ski experts to find out more about Deer Valley ski resort, or read our guide to skiing Utah.

Deer Valley Transfer time
  • Salt Lake City Airport

Resort Statistics

Resort Altitude: 2,000m

Resort Skiing: 2,920m

Total Ski Area:

Lifts: 24

Blue Runs: 27%

Red Runs: 41%

Black Runs: 32%

Ski Areas in Deer Valley

The surrounding area is home to a multitude of ski resorts, and Deer Valley has stated its position as a more upmarket ski resort than its neighbours. It's done this by providing free ski valets, plenty of boutique shopping, fantastic fine-dining and other noticable benefits (even tissues in the lift queues!). Deer Valley is one of the few resorts that remains ski only, making it a very appealing place to visit to much of the ski community. 

Skiing in Deer Valley

There are a fantastic 2,026 acres of resort for skiers to explore in Deer Valley. With a top elevation of 9,570ft (2,920m), Deer Valley receives 300 inches of snowfall every year. The area is also capable of snowmaking in over 660 acres. More grooming equipment is used in Deer Valley than within other resorts in the Wasatch Mountain Range. This leaves slopes perfectly untouched in the morning, ready for skiers to carve their way down. 

Snowboarding in Deer Valley

Snowboarding is prohibited in Deer Valley; it is one of the three remaining ski resorts that does not allow snowboarders. However, resorts that are close do allow them. 

Ski Schools in Deer Valley

Ski School is available for both children and adults, in a combination of private lessons, small groups, and speciality clinics. Ski school is the perfect way to improve your existing technique or to try skiing for the first time. 

Restaurants in Deer Valley

There is an abundance of restaurants within Deer Valley, with lounges to enjoy drinks after skiing, seafood restaurants, bakeries, frozen yoghurt shops and much more at resort level. In the mid-mountain area, there are a variety of eateries depending on your mood, including Vietnamese, street food, wholesome home-style cooking and the Goldener Hirsch Restaurant, an AAA-Four Diamond restaurant offering exquisite contemporary cuisine.


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