Cortina Weekends Italy

Fabulous Italian skiing all weekend

A weekend of skiing in Cortina is characterised by quiet slopes, long lunches and one of the most extensive ski areas in the world. Encompassing 12 resorts the Dolomiti super ski pass ensures you wont be bored on piste.

After a day exploring this awe-inspiring ski area, the cobbled streets of Cortina are a welcoming retreat with some great value 3 and 4 star hotels, supreme Italian dining options and great shopping.

The town was Italys first winter Olympics host and has maintained a strong ski racing tradition hosting world cup ski races annually. Sitting in the Veneto region of Tyrol, Cortina is a great resort for a ski weekend just 2 hours from either Innsbruck or Venice, a day or two in these fantastic cities can be incorporated into your long weekend.

We have 8 properties in Cortina.


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