Luke Dorking

Account Manager



I first visited the Alps at age three and have been back every year since. My passion for the mountains went from being a holiday to something more in 1999 when aged 16 first tried snowboarding in Banff and realised what I was missing out on. That was when it became something I wanted to do as much as possible. 


Number Of Seasons

A friend mentioned I should stop training to be an accountant and go do a season in Whistler, which turned into two and moving to London to work in the ski industry. Collectively, I have spent over two years in Whistler, plus some very long skiing road trips around the US and Europe.


My Favourite Resort


There is no better resort for snow, après and value for money. It's usually voted in the top 3 resorts worldwide every year, which is no surprise as the resort has two world-class mountains next to each other, making it unlike any other resort. 


There isn’t a European resort that can touch it purely on terrain merit. Verbier can be pricey, but you get what you pay for. I have never had bad snow there. Even in late April, we had 4ft of powder! 



Skiing Wisdom

Top Tip

A stretch 10-15 minutes before and after will make everything more enjoyable. Also, push yourself to ride switch whenever possible; it will make your natural balance so much better.

Best Skiing moment

I can't pick a favourite... So many good days on the slopes. Every single resort I've been to has a positive memory, but honourable mention to heliskiing twice in one season (Revelstoke and Zermatt).


My Blog Articles



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