Are you a skier, snowboarder or tourer? Pro or amateur? Do you live in the city, the country or the mountains?

At WEMountain, we believe that safety training is essential for people who seek the freedom of the backcountry. The goal of our program is to provide participants with the basic knowledge they need to practice snow sports safely, without sacrificing fun or freedom.

We want to promote safety guidelines across the world and make everyone a responsible skier or snowboarder. By doing this, people will become smarter when they’re out enjoying mountain adventures.

Mountain Safety WEMountain

Here are the top six mistakes to avoid:

  • Neglecting Health and Fitness
  • Neglecting Nutrition and Hydration
  • Neglecting Proper Gear Maintenance
  • Insufficient Project Planning
  • Riding Beyond Your Competences
  • Not Taking Personal Responsibility

Explore WEMountain’s avalanche and mountain risk courses

Muscle up your brain and boost your skills

WEMountain offers the world’s top mountain and avalanche training. Learn the basics online in your free time with our new, flexible program – no travel required.

Designed with international experts using a standardised universal language. WEMountain offers a unique combination of E-Learning and T-Learning, leveraging digital technology for compelling online learning and a network of certified International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA) and American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) guides and specially trained ski instructors for safe learning in the field.

Mountain Safety WEMountain

Quick and easy – where and when you want!

Learn from anywhere with our E-Learning program – no travel required. Sit down with our experts as your schedule allows and let their rich field experience and practical tips take your knowledge – and your adventures – to the next level.

Learn in a simple, accessible and universal language for clear, borderless communication.

Identify your boundaries of comfort, fun and safety using the A2R System®.


Managing and avoiding risk


Reacting effectively in an avalanche situation


Managing a rescue positively and successfully

Work through modules at your own pace with our progressive and practical teaching method. Identify and assess the human factors that lead to high-risk behaviour using the Mountaineering Human Factor (MHF®) system.

Mountain Safety WEMountain

Recover the cost of your training with exclusive travel and gear reward offers!

In collaboration with our partners, WEMountain rewards its members with exclusive offers. In addition to gaining additional skills and knowledge, all our members get back at least the full cost of their investment.

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Join an international community of responsible recreationists and professionals who share a passion for the mountains

Explore our program

STEP 1: E-Learning

Start your online theory courses when and where you want thanks to our cutting-edge learning process.

Our Mountaineering Human Factor (MHF®) system will help you identify the human factors that lead to high-risk behaviour.

STEP 2: T-Learning

After obtaining your digital certificate, we recommend testing your new skills and knowledge in the field. Earn your final WEMountain certification with our network of certified instructors.

Together let’s make the mountain safer!

Get started today!

Mountain Safety WEMountain

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