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Nicknamed ‘The Snow Hunter’ I’ve been researching and writing about ski resorts and ski holidays for more than 35 years, since my first book ‘The Essential Ski Holiday Guide’ was published when I was 21, back in 1985. Since then I’ve written a dozen ski books and thousands of articles for newspapers, magazines and websites around the world. I currently edit InTheSnow magazine.  In the 1990s I built a database of all the ski areas in the world, finding more than 6,000 in 80 countries, which is still used as an industry resource. Becoming concerned about the impact climate change was having on the snow I love, in 2004 I set up as a resource for people looking for clear information on what’s happening and what ski resorts are trying to do about it.

Over the years I have visited hundreds of ski resorts myself, travelling with my wife Sally and our three sons Sam, Alexander and Robert, whenever we can. We live on an 8 acre croft in the Highlands of Scotland where we have ponies, hens and a Christmas tree farm. I also grow apricots and peaches in my polytunnel and this keeps me occupied when I’m not snowhunting in person or on the computer.


Skiing Wisdom

Top Tip

One of the best things I ever did was to get custom made footbeds for my ski boots.  It was one of those situations where the chap making the footbeds was a bit disbelieving about how different my feet were and called colleagues over to look like I was a sort of medical freak. But he correctly diagnosed all my skiing ‘issues’ that no amount of lessons had helped with from just studying my feet (poor guy), and when I got the footbeds in my boots I found I could finally turn left, incredible!   

Interesting Fact

In 2017 I spent the summer researching snow on other moons and planets in the solar system – it turns out NASA and other space agencies have found quite a lot of it made from various chemical mixes, resulting in different coloured snow. They believe one of Saturn’s moons has had super fine powder falling on it for millions of years. The snow is so fine it only adds a fraction of a millimetre each year, but it has been falling so long it is now about 100 metres deep. I wrote a book ‘Snow In Space’ about it.


Skiing History

I learned to ski on a short dry slope in Nottingham when I was 15 before going on a school ski holiday by coach to a little resort in Italy. Since then I’ve skied at more than 300 resorts in more than 30 countries in Asia, North America and Europe.
I am a strong believer in dry slopes and indoor snow centres and school trips as a way for people who might otherwise never dream they could learn to ski being able to give it a try affordably.



Best Moment

So many best moments. One would be a trip to St Moritz and the Kulm Hotel, where the famous first ever winter sports holiday took place in 1864. The Kulm is now a vast sprawling five star but the original guest house where it all began is immaculately preserved. The current manager took me in to see Badrutt’s private apartment and, I know it sounds foolish, but because I have spent my adult life researching and writing about winter sports I found I felt quite emotional just being there and thinking how much had grown out of that one event.   


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