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Non-skiing Activities in Norway

Norway is far quieter than its other European Alpine rivals, offering a calm and peaceful escape, away from the ‘norm’. The uncrowded slopes, state-of-the-art lift systems, and friendly locals keep visitors returning year after year. Home to breathtaking views of the dramatic fjords and majestic mountains, Norway is like no other. The skiing is world-class, and the non-skiing activities in Norway are second to none. No skis? No problem!


Experience a truly unique activity this winter and try dog-sledding in Myrkdalen. This thrilling experience will take your breath away, from both the speed and the stunning views! Get to know your new four-legged friends and try your hand as a musher. Steer your pack of dogs and become a master of the huskies in no time. Afterwards, you’ll get the chance to feed the hard workers, what’s not to like?

Myrkdalen Dogsledding

Photo Credit: Myrkdalen


Bobsleighing is the perfect choice for any adrenaline junkie. The only artificially frozen bobsleigh and luge track in Scandinavia can be found a short drive away from Hafjell ski resort. The Lillehammer Olympic bob and luge track is the ultimate exhilarating winter activity. Enter the ‘bob raft’ (essentially a raft-like vehicle that can fit 5-6 passengers) and get sent around the 1,700m track at speeds reaching almost 100kmph. Other, more daring activities include, the ‘taxibob’, the ‘skeleton’, and the ‘skeleton raft’.

Bobsleighing in Hafjell

Photo Credit: Hafjell

Snowshoe Hike

For a more relaxing activity, try snowshoeing when you visit a Norwegian ski resort. The calming activity will show the region in a different, more peaceful light. Either hire your own guide to take you to points of interest or go ‘off-piste’ and explore off your own back. It won’t matter if you are an expert or if it is your first time, snowshoeing is a wonderful experience for all. Norefjell has 10km of beautiful ski trails designed for this type of hiking.

Norefjell Snowshoeing

Photo Credit: Sigdal-Aktiv


A classic activity when enjoying a winter break. Release your inner child and hop on a toboggan sled. Not only is the activity a favourite with the little ones, but the adults can get competitive too! Hurl yourself down the gradual piste as you race your friends and family to be victorious. ‘Airboarding’ is a similar activity where the sleds are filled with air, and riders are to lie on their stomach (don’t worry, helmets ARE included). Airboarding in Beitostølen is a great activity for those looking for a more extreme type of tobogganing. Tobogganing and Airboarding are available across most ski resorts, with operators welcoming all riders of any level.

Tobogganing in Beitostølen

Photo Credit: Visit Norway

Fjord Tour

Norway is known for its majestic and scenic Fjord tours, we recommend an excellent one in Myrkdalen. Ski and Fjord is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, seeing the wonders that Norway has to offer both on and off the slopes. Admire the epic scenery whatever the weather (we prefer the more dramatic, moody weather!). This experience is truly one of the most exciting experiences that you can add to your ski holiday, giving you a true flavour of Nordic culture, history, and beauty.

Myrkdalen Fjord Tour

Photo Credit: Myrkdalen

Sleigh Ride

Geilo is an excellent ski resort with many fabulous activities to experience. One is a horse-drawn sleigh ride, explore the ski resort uniquely, trotting around in style. The activity is perfect for families and will leave you charmed by the sound of sleighbells jingling, accompanied by the ‘clipety-clop’ of the impressive horses.

Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride in Geilo


Most ski resorts will have an ice skating rink nearby, which is typical for the winter season. There is a fantastic (and free!) ice-rink in Trysil we recommend. Suitable for all ages and abilities, ice skating is a fun non-skiing activity in Norway. Impress your family and friends by pirouetting on the ice or simply by making it round in one piece! The activity will be sure to create fabulous, unforgettable memories for all.

Trysil Ice Skating

Photo Credit: Trysil


Considered ‘a hole lot of fun’, ice fishing is another exciting non-skiing activity in Norway, or specifically, in Geilo. During the winter, many lakes and fjords freeze over, however, this won’t stop you from finding your fishy friends. With a guide, drill a hole, throw a line, and wait for a catch. The guides will know exactly where to drill and the best places to fish. They’ll bring all the apparatus needed, including a warm drink or two. Remember to wrap up warm as you will the Nordic weather will be cold!

Ice-Fishing in Geilo

Photo Credit: Geilo


Visit the Gausta Grillhuts in Telemarksvingen for a relaxing break on your skiing adventure. Enjoy a well-deserved pit stop on the mountain by firing up the grill and devouring a delicious seasonal meal. The idyllic activity is the perfect setting for nature lovers. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery while you wait for your lunch to be cooked. On the good weather days, skiers will be spoiled with tremendous views of the impressive Gaustatoppen Mountain. The huts can be reserved beforehand and firewood, lighters, and cooking equipment are provided. Everything else is up to you!

Gausta Grillhuts

Photo Credit: Gausta

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