Best Ski Resorts for Tree Skiing in the World

If you find that black runs and moguls just aren’t proving challenging, then you might want to consider tree skiing. This form of downhill, also known as glade skiing, requires a challenging combination of speed, skill and stamina. It is really best for more advanced skiers. That said, after a few runs, it’s very easy to fall in love with skiing through untouched powder in the quiet of a wooded mountainside. The sport is particularly popular in North America and Canada. There are a few places in Europe where you can enjoy skiing through trees too. Here are some of the best ski resorts for tree skiing in the world. Try it for yourself.

Steamboat, USA

Over the years Steamboat has become a particularly popular ski resort for tree skiing. You’ll find plenty of forest glades lining the mountains of the resort in northwest Colorado, so it’s the perfect environment for a spot of tree skiing. Steamboat has a good snow record. It’s famously smooth and dry skiing conditions have helped the resort coin the term ‘champagne powder’. With a lively yet family-friendly après ski scene, Steamboat makes for a great ski break all-round.

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Tree skiing in Steamboat

Serre Chevalier, France

Serre Chevalier one of the most popular ski areas in France boasts a large number of tree-lined slopes. This means that the scenery is different from other ski resorts in Europe; the resort is a fantastic spot for tree skiing. The trees in Serre Chevalier are well spaced and there is plenty of room to manoeuvre. It’s a great resort for those who are less experienced at tree skiing but are looking to improve. When you’re finished for the day, relax with a drink in the friendly bars and restaurants dotted around the resort.

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best ski resorts for tree skiing

Heavenly, USA

Located in Lake Tahoe near the California-Nevada border, Heavenly ski resort is an aptly-named haven for tree skiers. Whether you’re a more experienced skier looking for a challenging run, or in need of an easier run when trying it out for the first time, Heavenly has slopes to suit all. In addition, most of the trails are below the tree-line, which means you’re always surrounded by the forest and protected from the elements should a storm hit. Powder should also stay on the covered slopes for longer than it would on the exposed mountainside. It’s definitely worth visiting Heavenly if you’re interested in skiing through trees.

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best ski resorts for tree skiing

Peisey-Vallandry, France

A small, family-friendly ski resort, Peisey-Vallandry has a number of tree-lined runs in its Paradiski ski area. The ski resort forms part of the Les Arcs ski domain and visitors will encounter a variety of different slopes, from fast slopes to longer, endurance runs and from sparse to dense tree coverage. The trails are exciting to negotiate too, providing the perfect escape from the busy pistes that line the rest of the resort.

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Tree skiing in Peisey Vallandry

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