Davos Ski Weekends

Davos is one of the largest skiing towns in the Swiss Alps, so large it could almost be considered a city. The town is also surrounded by the unbelievable mountain scenery of the Rhaetian Alps of Graubünden and it even has its own pretty lake. Davos is the highest town in Europe with an altitude of 1,560m above sea level, it also maintains a fantastic snow record all the way through the season.

The town and has become a popular ski weekend destination because of its large and varied skiing area, vibrant city-like town and easy access from Zurich airport.

Transfer Times

  • Approximately 205 minutes from Zurich

Ski Level

  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • Steep mogul runs
  • Plenty of thrilling off-piste

Resort Information

Davos is a large municipality that is split into two parts: Davos Dorf and Davos Platz. Dorf is best for quick and easy access to the slopes, while Platz holds the majority of the shops, bars, restaurants and hotels; an efficient bus network negates the worry for long treks between the slopes and Davos’ centre. Skiers looking for a short break in a town that has absolutely everything will love this Swiss resort. The town has lots of lovely restaurants and bars, and luxury options for those looking for a ski weekend of splendour.



Davos has a vast ski area with 300km of downhill slopes across six separate ski sectors. The ski area will be rather daunting for beginners with limited nursery slopes and gentler areas. The resort is best suited for intermediates and advanced skiers with lots of cruisey blues and a good mix of steeper reds and blacks. The ski area is also rather quiet, especially around the Rinerhorn, so skiers looking for a weekend skiing on uncrowded slopes will enjoy Davos.

“Davos is a winter sports metropolis, it a perfect ski weekend destination for those who want a resort with a really challenging ski area, lots of non-skiing activities and luxury options.”

Mark Ski Expert

Ginny Orange

Ski Solutions Expert & Skier


Advanced Skiing

Davos has some incredible ski terrain and a lot of it leans towards advanced skiers. Experts will want to try some of the tough itinerary runs down to Klosters, as well as the steep black slopes that run down from Meierhofer Tälli to Wolfgang. Skiers who really want to get the most out of this area should hire a guide and ski some of the amazing freeride sections; such as crossing the Maienfelder Furgga Pass to Arosa.


Off-Slope Activities

Davos’ large town is packed full of non-skiing activities to keep you entertained over your 4 night stay. The town is home to several museums, a cinema and a bowling alley with an arcade. There is a huge array of brilliant restaurants and lively bars that are great for relaxing in after a long day skiing. Or, you can even go watch the local ice hockey team play at Davos’ huge sports centre.



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