Lyngen Ski Holidays

Lyngen Ski Resort Norway

Located on the shores of the Arctic Sea, Lyngen is one of the greatest ski areas in the world for ski touring. This scenic location is home to one of the longest ski seasons you can find, with the peak time for skiing between March and May, under the warmth of the Norwegian Sun. From steep Couliors to less challenging inclines, this region is perfect for anyone looking to experience ski touring. 

Located at a latitude of approx. 70 degrees North, Lyngen is home to some of the most immaculate snow conditions. Spring is when the full potential of the area is realised, bring perfect conditions for any descent. 

If you visit earlier in the season, you may even be lucky enough to combine your ski tour with a glimpse of the aurora borealis, aka. the northern lights. 

Sailing and skiing is also a popular choice in Lyngen due to its close proximity to the sea. Using a traditional sailboat, guides will locate the best possible conditions for visitors for their ski expedition. This is a truly unique experience that is hard to find anywhere else. 

Ski Schools in Lyngen

With many ski schools and instructors to choose between, there really is something for everybody.

We’ve partnered with SkiBro, New Generation and Oxygène and highly recommend their services. All of our partners offer fantastic lessons for all ability levels.

Click here to book your ski lessons with our recommended suppliers.

If you’re traveling during a peak week be sure to book these well in advance.

Lyngen snow

Lyngen Snow


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