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As a Scottish native, I first discovered a love for the sport aged five in Aviemore Cairngorms, Scotland (I can’t say I enjoyed the ice and gale-force wind, however). Since then, I have travelled the world in the pursuit of the best ski resort. My personal favourite being Rusutsu in Japan. During two years teaching English in Sapporo in Japan, I had the fantastic opportunity to visit the resort of Rusutsu every weekend.

My Favourite Resorts

Sapporo, Japan

Suppose you like powder Sapporo is for you! The best time to visit is January. Be sure to avoid Chinese New Year in February as the prices are higher and the resort tends to be busier. 


Sella Ronda

The Sella Ronda ski route is one of the most famous runs in the Dolomites and includes 26km of downhill runs. Perfect for skiers and intermediate snowboarders.


Skiing Wisdom

Top Tip

Avoid snowboarding at all costs
The board takes up to much space on the chair lift !! 

Favourite Hotel

Relaxing ambiance and direct access to Les Bergers. 

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