Mike Cooper

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I first fell in love with skiing at a very young age; growing up in Bexley, my mum was a ski instructor at the Woolwich dry slopes. This sparked a love of the sport, and I went on to visit the east coast of the USA and Val-d'Isère at a young age; since then, I have been hooked.

Number of Seasons

I spent two winters in Revelstoke between 2018-2020, where I was able to experience the best the province had to offer whilst training as a CSIA ski instructor.

Skiing Wisdom

Top Tip

Never be afraid to grab a lesson now and again - let's be honest, mistakes are rarely down to the skis you're using!

Best Skiing Moment

Cat-Skiing with Great Northern Cat in Trout Lake BC. One of the best ski experiences I could have ever had, with so much snow you’d need a snorkel. 


My Favourite Resorts


A paradise that truly has everything needed, from giant bowls to gnarly trees and stunning views. Not a resort for the beginner crowd, this is the resort for me when I want to channel my inner Sammy Carlson.



Having spent most of my childhood skiing here, Val-d'Isère continues to be one of my favourite destinations in the Alps. I have very fond memories of its fantastic mountainside restaurants and downhill-style runs. 



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