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I've been a ski writer since 2004, specialising in how to travel to ski resorts by train.  It's a niche topic, but there's a lot to know - and I'm always discovering new routes and insights about the journeys - as well as great resorts to travel to.

As a freelance ski writer, I write for The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, National Geographic Traveller, Conde Nast Traveller, Snow, InTheSnow, Ski+board and others.  In 2009 founded Snowcarbon, an independent guide on how to travel to ski resorts by train, to help more skiers find out more about how to travel this way. 

When not travelling to ski resorts by train, I love playing football, going to stand-up comedy, organising parties, going to festivals, growing avocados from seed and environmental activism.


Skiing Wisdom

Top Tip

I've got to say it: go by train if you possibly can.  It's so easy to imagine that the journey by plane will be much quicker or much cheaper - but it's just not true. By train you'll spend quality time, have more fun, see more and benefit the environment.  It's so worth it.  And buy two copies of the Rail Map of Europe - one for you, one as a present for a friend. I use the map every time I plan a journey into Europe - really find it useful. Apps are great but maps are invaluable for planning, perspective and inspiration.

Interesting Fact

When I was a teenager, I used to play chess for the London and England teams.  I’ve recently started The Goggle Chess Train Club - where you play chess in ski goggles on rail journeys to ski resorts. One of the many great uses of time on a train. A few chess games later and you've arrived at your resort.   
I also used to be a hand model, and played Daniel Craig's hands in a James Bond-style advert for Sony. 


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