St. Anton Skiing – The Best Spots for All Levels

St. Anton is easily one of the most beloved ski resorts in Austria and is a favourite with snow enthusiasts worldwide. Located in the Tyrolian Alps, it is well known for its traditional Austrian village, a unique après scene and of course its fantastic skiing. St. Anton is part of the larger Arlberg ski area, consisting of several other resorts and over 300km of skiing, you will find a good mix of skiing for experts and beginners alike. Here’s our pick of the best places to ski!

Advanced to Expert

St. Anton is an advanced skiers’ playground; there is a plethora of steep groomers, waist-high mogul fields and powdery off-piste. The Arlberg ski area also has officially designated off-piste areas, known as itinerary runs, which are great if you want to ski some off-piste but don’t really know where to start. Just remember if you’re going to ski off-piste or even just ‘off the side’ you make sure you’re kitted out with avalanche safety gear, or even better, a local guide who can show you the best places to ski whilst keeping you safe.

There is a total of 18 itinerary runs, 6 black runs, and 19 red runs in the St. Anton area which gives an expert skier a wealth of difficult runs without having to travel too far from the resort itself. One of our favourite Itinerary runs is black 40, also known as Mattun this run is not for a casual skier and requires some good experience skiing off-piste. However, if you’ve got the ability this dream-like powder bowl can be some of the best skiing in St. Anton. To get here just take the Nassereinbahn gondola, then the Kappall chairlift and then ski into the valley left of the lift.

If you’re looking for a more racey red then why not try the long groomers from the peak of Valluga, St. Anton’s highest skiable point. Head up the Galzigbahn and then continue to the daunting Vallugabahn I, once you are finally there you can ski down an incredible series of reds, 92 and 85 which will take you back down to the Galzig area. Or, for a real ski touring experience head down the back of Valluga towards Zurs, this will require an experienced guide however as it can be notoriously treacherous.

One run that is worth giving a go is the famous ‘Fang run’, Also known as black 34, this run will definitely test your metal. With a healthy mix of steep groomers and mountain like moguls, you’ll most likely be rubbing your poor quadriceps after tackling this beast. However, you can celebrate your success by drinking some local moose, a jaeger-like liqueur, in the Fanghouse bar sat at the very end of this run.

P.S (Powder Section) If you’re a powder addict and you’re hunting fluffy powder fields then head to St. Anton’s bus terminal, Terminal West. From here you want to get on the Sonnenkopf transfer to the Sonnenkopf ski area. It’s totally free and takes you to one of the best off-piste areas in the Arlberg.

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Intermediates will really be able to push their skiing to the limit in St. Anton, with a plethora of reds and blues, there is plenty here for an intermediate skier to challenge themselves without skiing runs too far out of their skill level.

The Gampen, Kapall and Galzig ski areas are vast with a variety of runs for you to choose from. With a multitude of reds and blue to pick from these area’s make up some of the best skiing in St. Anton. Starting from the top of Kapallbahn take the wonderful blue 43, this run will allow you to practice your long, snaking carves. You will finally end up at the top of Gampen where you can take the harder red 29 down towards Galzig, this run has much steeper sections which will be far more challenging. If you fancy stopping for a party, there are sections of red 29 where you can hop over to blue 27 to get to the infamous après bars Krazy Kangaroo and Mooserwirt. From Galzig take the Galzigbahn and then traverse across to the short black 58, It’s a bit of a challenge but the amazing run, blue 100, after it is well worth battling the black.

If you head towards Rendl you will also be greeted by some great blues, reds and easier designated off-piste if you wanted to give it a try. Red 1 is almost reminiscent of a giant slalom run and you will find yourself timing how quick you can get down this long and winding slope. Rendl is also home to ‘Rendl Beach’ a great bar that overlooks St. Anton’s snowpark where you can watch skiers acrobatically soar through the sky.

Intermediates will be well challenged by St. Anton’s mixed bag of ski runs but you’ll likely come back from your stay a far better skier than when you originally arrived.

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Some have stated that St. Anton is too difficult of a resort for beginners, however, if you can master it here, you’ll be a master everywhere. The resort does lean towards more difficult and challenging skiing; however, St. Anton has also made some improvements to widen pistes and improve beginner areas which have made it easier for those who are new to the sport.

As a beginner you probably don’t just want to get on the first lift you see, lots of St. Anton’s lifts lead to areas where there isn’t an easy way down unless you plan on ditching the ski’s and walking! Don’t be deterred there is still a wide variety of lifts that have training slopes for those of you who need to get your ski legs ready before you tackle a blue. Try heading to Nasserein where you can find Ubungslift, Nassereinlift, and Kindlisfeldlift all of which have good training slopes. You can also head to Muldenlift which is closer to Gampenbahn, this also has a training slope and some easier blues that you can ski down once you start feeling more confident.

Once you’ve moved past the training slopes you could head up Gampenbahn and practice your turns on blue 27 or head up towards Rendl which also has some nice cruising blues. Be wary at Rendl however, as a beginner, the ‘home-run’ is a hard red and should best be avoided if you’re not that confident yet, instead, take the Rendlbahn gondola back down into the resort. You can also easily jump on a quick bus to Lech or Zurs, both which have great beginner areas and are quieter than St. Anton.

The best way to get started skiing in St. Anton? With proper instruction. A good instructor will help you gain the confidence and skills needs to explore more of what St. Anton has to offer.

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Want to get started learning to ski? Or want a guide with local knowledge to take you off-piste? New Generation Ski & Snowboard School offer something for all levels of skiers or boarders. Their St. Anton team knows the resort inside and out and will help you build technique and confidence so you can make the most of your holiday.


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