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Jungfrau Ski Area

With over 213km of pistes spread across three ski resorts in Switzerland, the Jungfrau ski area is one of the best places in the Alps to go skiing. Consisting of the charming ski resorts of Wengen, Grindelwald and Mürren, this ski area is diverse and historic. Known as one of the cradles of skiing, the winter sports that we see today stem from the Jungfrau ski region. Wengen, for example, has been hosting ski races for over 100 years. The name of the region comes from the magnificent Jungfrau Mountain, the largest peak between itself and its neighbours: the Eiger and the Mönch. One of the major attractions to the ski region is the amazing off-piste area its slopes provide.

The transport in this region is unique, where you’ll see a mix of ski lifts and traditional cog wheel railways. This gives the Jungfrau ski region an unbeatable charm. Not only this, but you can expect that characteristic Swiss efficiency. A new feature of the region is the Eiger express, a gondola taking you from Grindelwald to the Eiger Glacier station in just 15 minutes. This cuts the transport time by over half an hour for those wanting a quicker experience over a traditional one. For full access to the ski region, the ‘Whole Area’ pass lets you in on all the wealth of skiing to be had in the Jungfrau ski region. Read on to find out more about the Jungfrau ski resorts.


The skiing in this region is expansive and diverse, meaning there’s something for all abilities. For beginners and intermediates, the Mettlen run is a wonderful blue. With a length of 1000 metres heading towards Grindelwald, this long piste winds through tree-lined lanes on a snow-sure course. Due to excellent snowmaking, Mettlen almost always has reliable skiing conditions. Its reputation as an almost perfect blue run means it’s very popular with ski schools so expect a fair bit of crowds. One of the best parts of the run is that you can stop off at the Brandegg bar along the way for a drink and a refresh.

One of the most popular reds in the Jungfrau ski area, Männlichen-Holenstein is a 1,200m run that is best skied in the morning. Some sections get very narrow, meaning icy conditions at the end of the day can make this run a challenge to ski regardless of ability. Due to its popularity, we recommend skiing on the far-right side of the slope as you can usually find fresh corduroy here.

With a name like ‘Oh God!’, you would expect a run where hearing this phrase is a common occurrence. Boasting the steepest and deepest powder in the Jungfrau ski area, that is exactly what you’ll hear on this black run. To feel the most exhilaration, the upper section of this black is truly made for advanced skiers looking for thrills.

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The Hotel Regina in Wengen has a reputation for serving some of the best food and wine in the resort.

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The Jungfrau ski region has some exciting off-piste skiing routes for those daring enough to take them on. ‘The Wall’ crests above Mürren and is renowned for being both extremely steep and deep. Only expert skiers should take this route as it’s both challenging and difficult, not to mention the trouble of finding it. Travelling to The Wall includes some pretty off-piste navigation from the Schiltgrat chairlift, but you’ll be rewarded with a fresh powder field. This has reliable powder even when it hasn’t snowed in a while.

For an easier off-piste route, we’d recommend the Eiger’s North face. This shaded side of the mountain keeps some of the best snow in the Jungfrau ski area. Skiing down this run is gentle at times, but stony in some parts, so keep your wits about you. The start of this route is just behind the Skibar Schreinerei, so a quick refresh before hitting the slope is always an option. It’s also easy to get here. Just travel up the Eigernordwand chairlift and the route starts from there.

When stepping off the Winteregg chairlift, instead of turning right onto the blue, or heading straight onto the red, turn left and travel off-piste down the line of the chairlift pylons. This moderate off-piste run just outside of Mürren has undulating but not steep terrain. This would be a great choice for newcomers to off-piste skiing, shown in its popularity. The tree run section of this route heads back to the piste for those craving the familiarity of a groomed slope.

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Bergwelt Grindelwald’s beautifully crafted rooms and suites provide views of the awe-inspiring landscape outside.

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Jungfrau ski region

Best Après

For the best après ski in the Jungfrau ski region, you’ll want to head over to Wengen. Perhaps the most well-known spot is Schneebar Figelar at the bottom of the nursery slopes. Here you can enjoy unbeaten views of the surrounding mountains with a drink in hand. If you have a love for people-watching, the skiers racing by provides you with the perfect après entertainment. The bar also has an abundance of outdoor seating, for soaking up those rays and breathing in the alpine air. This is the perfect reward after a day of Jungfrau skiing. Rocks Bar is another Wengen après spot worth noting. At this bar, live sports are shown, giving the place an excited and lively atmosphere that you can’t help but enjoy. Rocks Bar is cosy, meaning you’ll never feel like it’s empty thanks to its ambience.

The other towns in the Jungfrau ski area also have some après ski that’s worth visiting, such as Schürlibar in Grindelwald. Situated on the slopes of the Eiger, this bar has one of the most convenient locations. Their terrace offers some of the best views of the mountains in the Jungfrau region as you ski off the slopes and through the doors of this vibrant après spot. In Mürren, Gondelbar is the number one après ski bar. A converted cable car, this unique place has the best drinks on this side of the mountain. Small, cosy, informal, and above all friendly, a trip to Mürren would be incomplete without visiting Gondelbar.

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The Hotel Eiger in Mürren is a traditional family-run hotel with a wonderful welcoming atmosphere.

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In Switzerland, it’s well known you’ll always leave a restaurant satisfied, and Restaurant Eiger in Wengen does not break this trend. Serving large portions of delicious traditional Swiss food, the staff here are just as lovely as the dishes. Expect staples like fondue, meaty stews, and delicious chocolate desserts in a vibrant atmosphere. For more of a fine-dining experience, we would recommend you visit Chez Meyer’s. Another popular Wengen restaurant, you can choose to have a ‘surprise menu’. This is where the chef curates a one-of-a-kind culinary experience for you; a real highlight for any food and wine lover.

You really are spoilt for choice in the Jungfrau ski resorts. Restaurant Belvedere in Grindelwald is a family-run hotel and restaurant where you can be sure you’ll be looked after. From the moment you walk in you’ll feel as if you’re a VIP thanks to their attentive and friendly service. Enjoy beautifully presented and delicious dishes. When in Mürren, the Hotel Edielweiss has a wonderful restaurant we would highly recommend eating at. Serving fantastic food surrounded by stunning views, it’s no wonder many consider this the best place to eat in Mürren.

Jungfrau ski area

That concludes our overview of the Jungfrau ski area. To find out more about the Jungfrau ski resorts, please call our ski experts on 0207 471 7700.

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