Annecy France

One of the most picturesque small cities in France, Annecy is nestled between the mountains and the lake. The city is the former capital of the Duchy of Savoy which became part of France in just 1860. Annecy boasts a unique combination of Alpine and French influence, giving the city a quaint atmosphere. 

Annecy has a distinctive old city, first established in 1107, giving way to a rich and heady history. Running through the centre of the old city is the River Thiou, flanked with narrow quays and old-style buildings along the riverbank. The presence of the Canal du Vassé and its two waterways has earned Annecy the nickname 'Venice of the Alps'.

The main attraction to Annecy is the old city and the lake itself. Visitors will find themselves wandering the narrow streets for hours visiting boutiques, cafes, restaurants and the riverside quay. The Palais de I'lle (The Island Palace) is a particularly photogenic building dating back to the 12th Century. Just south of the old city is the Château d'Annecy which houses a number of museums and galleries.



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