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  • Craig Burton, Managing Director - 020 7471 7700

    Skiing is my total love and passion, and having got into the sport via a school trip to little known Folgarida in Italy back in 1994, I have been hooked ever since.

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  • Paul Russell, Ski Solutions Expert - 020 7471 7700

    Skied for the first time at 18 while at Uni, worked a placement year at a ski company and has had the bug ever since.

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  • James Eliot, Ski Solutions Expert - 020 7471 7721

    James has been skiing since he was 3 years old and has worked seasons in Lech as a resort manager and a ski host. And as for off the piste activity, you can't beat the Europop in Austria.

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    ski expert James Elliot
  • Hugo Clarke, Ski Solutions Expert - 020 7471 7703

    Hugo has been skiing since the age of 5 and has skiied for 1 season in Tremblant and 3 seasons in Courchevel..

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    ski expert hugo clarke
  • Richard Tasker, Ski Solutions Expert - 020 7471 7716

    With 3 seasons under his belt, Richard is one of our ski experts who's had the ski bug since he was 22.

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    Skiier Richard Tasker
  • Clare Roberts, Ski Expert - 020 7471 7719

    Clare is a senior member of sales team and specialises in North America. She has been with Ski Solutions for an incredible 17 years. Skiing since she was 3 years old, Clare has skiied seasons in Colorado, Verbier & Morzine.

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    Clare Roberts ski
  • David Merryweather, Ski Expert - 020 7471 7708

    One of the experts in our sales team David first went snowboarding in December 2004 and first skiied in January 2009. When off the slopes his favourite thing to do is talk about, watch, or plan anything to do with snowboarding!

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    Ski Expert David Merryweather
  • Alex Stott, Ski Expert - 020 7471 7708

    Alex is a member of our sales team and one of ski solutions experts. His favourite activity off the piste involves a bar sun terrace, and if there’s a DJ on too then so much the better.

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    Alex Stott ski
  • Jack Mace, Ski Expert - 020 7471 7709

    One of our sales team and a Ski Solutions expert, Jack has been skiing since the age of 4 years old! He has tried to ski at least two weeks a year for the last 10 years.

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    skiier Jack Mace
  • Rebecca Simmons, Ski Expert - 020 7471 7711

    Here at Ski Solutions, Rebecca is Head of After Sales. She has been skiing since the age of 13 and has completed a season in Tignes, making her a highly trusted ski expert.

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    Rebecca Simmons
  • Bekkii Peters, Ski Expert - 020 7471 7773

    Part of our sales team and a ski solutions expert, Bekki has been skiing since the very young age of 3 years old! Her favourite off the piste activites include enjoing the local drinks and dancing on tables!

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  • Tom Power, Ski Expert 020 7471 7711

    Tom has been skiing since the age of 4 and has spent seasons working in both Val d’Isere and Verbier.

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    Tom Power skiier