Travel Documents

When will I receive my travel documents?

  • Chalet and Chalet Hotel Holidays: Your travel itinerary will be sent to you by email and should arrive on the Monday of the week you are due to leave. This is all the documentation you will receive; there are no paper tickets and nothing will be sent by post.
    Print your travel itinerary and use this, along with your passport, to check in at the airport. Online check-in is not available and extra leg room seats are allocated on a first come first served basis.
  • Hotel Holidays: Your documentation will be sent to you in the post and should arrive 7-10 days before departure. This will include a travel itinerary, instructions on how to check-in online, rail tickets, car hire and ski hire vouchers, if applicable. If you would prefer us to email these documents to you, just let us know. Please note it is not possible to email rail tickets.
  • Short Breaks: Your documentation will be emailed to you one week before departure. You will receive a travel itinerary and instructions. If you have pre-booked ski hire, your voucher will be emailed separately.


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