The Wild, Wild West - Telluride

Reach new frontiers on your next skiing holiday with a trip to Telluride, the original Wild West town in the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado. While saloon bars and turn of the century buildings line the beautiful old mining town streets and the ghost of Butch Cassidy lingers in the breeze, up above is some world-class terrain that is pushing new boundaries of its own. Palmyra Peak and the Gold Hill Chutes are recent additions to the 2,000 acres of steep and deep slopes, and for immediate access to these challenging slopes and the plentiful more benign blues, stay at the smart Mountain Village, the alpine-inspired resort on the snow. But for the authentic cowboy experience, you’d better stay in Telluride, linked to Mountain Village by a free gondola. Either way, saddle up - you’re in for a treat in Telluride.

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