Partying at the Folie Douce - Val d'Isere

If there’s one place you should stop for refreshments on the slopes above Val d’Isère, it’s the Folie Douce. It may look like any other mountain restaurant, albeit a smart one, but linger into the afternoon and BOOM, the party starts, and the huge terrace comes alive with music, dancing and many smiley, happy people.

Entertaining the crowd with a unique mix of house music and live musical accompaniment are several singers, a saxophonist and a DJ, led by the exuberant Kely Starlight. As the beats warm the crowd up, the band mingle among the dancing throng, leap up onto the bar and can even be spotted on the roof, doing whatever it takes to entertain the international crowd.

Come snow or shine, champagne flows, particularly in the VIP area where if you click your fingers a bottle arrives by mini cable car straight from the bar. Dance anywhere near Kely and you’ll no doubt be covered in a spray of bubbles many times throughout the afternoon – it’s one of his favourite tricks for the up for it crowd. The party crescendos to a climax at 5pm but don’t despair, return tomorrow and the Folie will be in full swing, ready to welcome you with open arms again.


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