Party in your après-ski boots - St Anton

Moosewirt may be by excellence the best place to party in your Après-ski boots. Ski round the last corner of the Blue No 1 piste approaching St Anton, and into view comes a large pine Tyrolean chalet with a packed terrace of people spilling onto the snow. Pounding Europop blares out of a sound system that wouldn’t be out of place at Wembley and before you know it you’ll have joined the hundreds of skiers stomping their ski boots on any available flat surface in appreciation of the DJ. This is the Mooserwirt, home to epic après ski and, as the legend goes, more sales of beer than any other bar in the Alps.

Step inside, if you can make your way through the crowds, by 3.30pm for the official start to the party – the ‘Final Countdown’ blasts out, the window shutters roll down and a dazzling light show plays out across the bar. Incredibly strong waiters bustle through the dancing crowds with trays laden with at least 40 beers and 24 shots resting on top. Have a Jägerbomb or two and beam back at the sea of smiling faces welcoming you. The authentic Austrian experience to party in your après ski boots – let the good times roll.


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