Los Angeles City Stopover

Tinseltown, the City of Angles, the Big Orange; whatever you want to call it, Los Angeles’ reputation precedes itself making it a great addition to your ski trip across the pond.

Infamous for being the home of superstars and the point of convergence for dreamers, this city is a one-stop-shop for holidaymakers to discover everything under the sun. With an average yearly temperature of 20°C you are almost guaranteed great weather.

From the glitz and glam of Beverly Hills to the relaxed shores of Santa Monica, a short break here is assured to be a fabulous holiday. A plethora of sights and activities will guarantee that your adventure to LA is eventful. Foodies will appreciate the alternative and contemporary cuisine whilst sightseers will never have a dull moment travelling from neighbourhood to neighbourhood in America’s second largest city.

With so much to do and plenty to see, Los Angeles presents a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of the ‘American Dream’ and the lifestyle in one of the world’s most well-known metropolises.

Things to do in Los Angeles

1. Hollywood

Universally associated with stardom, this is where you can walk amongst stars on the Walk of Fame and see celebrities’ handprints in the Chinese Theatre. If you’re up for it, take a hike up Mount Hollywood to get up close to the Hollywood Sign and witness wonderful views across the whole of LA.

2. Beverly Hills

From window shopping to mansion spotting, this exclusive neighbourhood can be explored on the illustrious boulevards of Rodeo and Beverley Drive. Here the immaculate palm trees that line the pavement tower over lavish boutiques and feature in the shadow of vast celebrity residences.

3. Venice Beach and Santa Monica

To get away from city life, locals and tourists alike visit the relaxed and benevolent beachfront cities of Venice and Santa Monica. Venice is the home of all sorts of activities from skateboarding to pumping iron. The boardwalk is the perfect location to people watch and enjoy the unique character of this neighbourhood. Just along the coast to the north is Santa Monica where the end of the famed Route 66 meets an effervescent pier that is host to a popular fun park.

4. Eat healthy or indulge wildly

Fancy restaurants feature highly on visitor guides for LA with potential to dine amongst celebs. From speciality coffee houses to Michelin star restaurants the LA dining experience will please any visitor. We recommend heading to A.O.C., an LA institution that serves stunning food in a vibrant location. Also, remember that some of best eats in Los Angeles are the hole-in-the-wall diners and the food trucks which you will find scattered around for a convenient mouth-watering bite.


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