Lake Tahoe Ski Holidays

Lake Tahoe ski holidays are characterised by the diverse range of ski resorts that surround the sapphire-blue Lake Tahoe, so deep that it stays unfrozen throughout the year.

With the highest concentration of ski resorts in North America and over 17,500 acres of terrain, Lake Tahoe Ski holidays feature the chance to sample the unique ambience of over a dozen lakeside towns, former Olympic resorts and even the exciting night and casino scene of Nevada.

The experience of skiing Lake Tahoe is full of classic Californian charm and a truly unique range of alpine experiences perfect for groups, couples and family’s looking for a ski holiday to remember.

Take a look at Ski Solutions collection of hotels and lodges across the province and discover your own alpine paradise by calling our ski experts on 020 7471 7755 or make an enquiry online.


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