Tom Bussenschutt

Operations Team Leader



I am an Australian CASI snowboard instructor with a passion for the mountains. I left home in my early 20s to travel through Asia, America and Canada - with a ski season in Whislter along the way. I somehow ended up in London, which is where I have been ever since.

Number of seasons

One season


My favourite resorts

After doing my season there, Whistler has to be one of my favourite resorts, simply for the amount of terrain you can cover... also the poutine!
My favourite resort in Europe is Courmayeur, for the food and the phenomenal views of Mont Blanc.


Skiing Wisdom

Skiing Secret

There's nothing quite like waxing and sharpening your own board. I would always recommend it if you have the time!

Top Tip

If you're going for a jump then always watch your landing... and make sure that you don't catch an edge!


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