Katy Ellis

Product Manager



I love everything there is about skiing - adventure, excitement, speed, adrenalin, challenge, camaraderie, standing above the clouds – and skiing through them, fresh powder and spring slush, being outdoors all day with mates, a well-earned drink at the end of the day, dancing on tables in ski boots, cheese.

My ski initiation was on a dry slope in Norwich as a teenager, swiftly followed by a school trip to Les Carroz which I loved. My mum was working for Schoolplan at the time selling school ski holidays so from then on we (my sister and I) alternated between a family trip with mum and dad and a school trip. Mum and Dad even met on a ski holiday (back in 1968!) so it’s been part of family life – not least when my sister and I spent a number of years out in Méribel together in the noughties.

On return from Méribel I got myself a job selling ski holidays at Ski Club GB to get back into London life and before finding a ‘proper job’. Twelve and a half years later I moved on from the Ski Club to Ski Solutions.


Number of seasons

Five seasons


My favourite resorts

Given my five seasons, Méribel will always have a special place in my heart.


If I had the time and the money, I would be straight out to Jackson Hole.





Skiing Wisdom

Best Moment

My best moment on the mountain? The Three Valleys rally, April 2002 is a tough day in the mountains to beat… but for one more focused on the skiing… a heli drop on the Dufourspitze one early May.

Top Tip

If you're looking for an exclusive feeling resort with excellent access to the slopes, then try Ischgl. I was really impressed by the lift infrastructure and climate-neutral ethos that goes into running the resort.


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