Ginny Orange

Ski Solutions Expert & Skier

Growing up in the New Zealand countryside I learnt to appreciate everything the outdoors has to offer and couldn’t be more thankful. At 14 years old I chased the all-round dream of becoming a full-time ski racer. This resulted in 15yrs of back-to-back winters from NZ to Canada, America and Austria. Following my career, I had a short stint living in China, but then decided London was where I needed to be – awesome city and the gateway to Europe! 

Top Tip

Check out the smaller local resorts – best powder days of my life have been off the beaten track on the small local mountains. Also stay on the mountain whenever you can!! First tracks galore!

Interesting Fact

3D puzzle expert!

Number of Seasons

15+ back-to-back between New Zealand, Canada, America, and Austria

Skiing History

I started out skiing as a young Mogul Muncher as we were called back in the day. Every weekend was spent driving up Mt Hutt (yes, we have to literally drive up our mountains down-under), where the days were filled with whizzing down the mountain and eating lunch in the back of the car.

As I grew older and my passion for the all-around grew, I eventually turned the fun weekends into an alpine racing career. So, the snowy weekends up Mt Hutt and lunches in the backseat turned into summers spent in the Northern Hemisphere, training and racing at various resorts and essentially seeing the world and its snowy peaks in the best way possible!

Best Moment

My best moments have been either enjoying continuous days of to powder with friends or lazing in the sun on a resort soaking up the amazing atmosphere. Every day on the mountain is the best moment in my opinion!

Favourite Resort

The hardest question yet! Possibly Panorama because of the becoming views, runs are crisp, and the hot pools at the end of the day are bliss. However, sticking true to my roots – there’s something special about an early morning sunrise up Treble Cone in New Zealand. Glowing orange sky over a lake with islands – view from the top of the mountain? Tough to beat!

Resorts Visited

Way too many to list! Upwards of 50.


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