As one of the most successful ever nations to compete in the winter Olympics, it should come as no surprise that the skiing in Norway is absolutely superb and should not be overlooked when considering your next ski holiday. Far quieter than its Alpine rivals, Norway offers its guests peaceful, uncrowded mountains, state of the art lift systems and a warm welcome.

The dry snow Norway experiences means that the country is quite unique by European standards, far closer resembling the snow conditions of North American resorts; in fact many resorts will guarantee the snow, refunding your lift ticket if conditions are not up to standard. The season starts in November and lasts all the way until late April, meaning that you can enjoy the brilliant Nordic snow all the way until Easter.

The resorts are perfectly suited to beginner and intermediate skiers, with plenty of open well-groomed pistes. Children are very well looked after too with kids clubs and crèche facilities, and also a number of gentle ski areas specifically for children.

Advanced skiers will have something to challenge them too, with ample off-piste powder fields, clever snow parks and some testing groomed black runs too.

The country makes a brilliant choice for a family holiday thanks to the huge amount of activities that are on offer. From dog sledging and horse sleigh rides to ice fishing and ice-rally driving, there is no limit to the range of activities that you can enjoy off the mountain.

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