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Improve your skills this season

Posted by - Clare Roberts on Sun 27th January 2013

Skiing is one of the most enjoyable sports around, but even the most experienced out there can still have trouble mastering the tricks. Even if you’re a more advanced skier ready to challenge yourself on the slopes during a ski weekend, you may well be joined by less experienced skiers as part of a group ski holiday. Regardless of ability, take a look at our top tips on how to boost ski skills this season.

Your group ski holiday may not be full of expert skiers, and regardless of experience, everyone will need to know the basics before enjoying the slopes. Once comfortable, add a little extra excitement into the routine with basic kickturns. Ask your novices to start by facing across the slope, before slowly raising their uphill ski to face the top of the mountain. After that, they can use their poles to balance and flick their other ski around to face the same way. This will help them turn safely and comfortably.
After mastering the kickturns, head on down to one of the smaller ski parks and try to tackle some of the smaller jumps. Start them off by leaning forward and keeping knees bent at all times - they won't get any air but they also won’t fall over! After this, ask them to keep their knees bent on the downslope before slowly raising to a standing position as they get near the top - the smoother the action, the higher the jump.

For those with more experience, moguls are the perfect opportunity to push a little bit further, and are a fantastic activity for a group ski holiday. This requires a good knowledge of parallel skiing, and confidence. Before you set off, pick out a route and stick to it - to start with, use the moguls to dictate your turns, using your poles to keep you balanced. Taking short and controlled turns, aim to turn at the top of the mogul, allowing you to build your speed on the downturn. 

If you’re prepared for something a little more challenging on your ski weekend, it’s time to move on to some of the bigger ski jumps. Jumps can be quite daunting at times, especially if you’re only used to the beginner ramps. As you’re heading down the slope towards the jump, keep your body in a forward position with your knees and legs bent and close together. Just before the jump, start to extend and keep yourself forward - pushing forward is the best way to get air. As you come in to land, make sure the tips of your skis touch the ground first, before relaxing back into a standing position. Don’t lean too far forwardor back as you risk falling over and ruining your group ski holiday!

Using our top tips will help you and your group make the most of your next ski holiday. If you’re still planning where to ski, take a look around our site. There are some gorgeous chalets and hotels across Europe and the US, just waiting to keep you comfortable on your next ski holiday.

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