A Weekend of Skiing and Culinary Delights in Corvara

As our Sales Manager, you can imagine that Hugo Clarke is a very busy man! With not much time to spare, he treated himself and a loved one to an amazing whistle-stop ski tour of Corvara. Below, he makes your mouth water with his descriptions of the incredible local foods and wines available and reveals why the Alta Badia area of Italy is simply the perfect place for a ski short break… 

With the prospect of poor snow, there is no best place for someone who loves a good lunch, than Corvara in Alta Badia for a long ski weekend.

Having taken a half day Thursday, we arrived into Venice at 7pm and after grabbing a car we headed into the mountains. It soon became clear from the icy white-out we were driving through, that the snow drought was over! Yes, the Dolomites now has fresh snow!

It was only a three night trip, so we were up early on the first morning and after a superb breakfast from our hotel, La Perla, we hit the slopes. The snow was still falling but thanks to a mainly tree lined ski area, visibility was fine and we started a little tour around La Villa, San Cassiano, and Colfosco. This area known as Alta Badia really is the perfect place to get your ski legs back into the swing of things.

Before too long lunch beckoned and luckily through some recommendations from the tourist office we hit one of the manly superb mountain ‘huts’ the area has to offer. With the snow continuing to fall and an exciting food and wine menu, it was soon decided that a long lunch might be the best idea. Italian food lovers will never be disappointed in this area; the highlight from lunch being a rabbit tartar which was utterly amazing. As this was washed down with one too many glasses of local wine, there was no further skiing that day.

With a slight feeling of guilt that we didn’t ski the previous afternoon, it was another early start on Day Two and time to ski the Sella Rhonda link. Even for a low to intermediate skier, this is more than achievable and well worth trying. And after the recent snow, the conditions around the whole link were a pure joy.

As we were travelling outside of peak season, the lift queues were minimal and pistes were emptyso before we knew it, Corvara was back in sight and conveniently our next lunch was waiting for us.

It really is refreshing to look at a small, locally sourced menu where you know everything is going to taste great. We took the advice of the waiter and couldn’t have been happier. Sadly, the restaurants wine list restricted our second afternoon of skiing, again.….

Due to our time restraints we had to head home early on the Sunday and although we could have maximised the skiing a little more (!) the Alta Badia area offered us the perfect area to experience the three best things life has to offer: skiing, wine and food.

With the great snow there now, it’s just a shame I can’t get back out.

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